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We are the biggest biometric time & attendance/access control solution provider in Taiwan. We have an engineering team of over 20 people. We’re one of the few company that’s able to provide a total solution for all industries.

We are looking for experienced sales professionals to help us grow our customer base of long-term partners. We provide outstanding commission structure.

Flexible sales options, we provide different commissions for pure sales or references.

All our products are manufactured and designed by us.

Our Product Line
Fingerprint & Facial Recognition Timeclock that effectively generates attendance reports, eliminating buddy punching, time theft, reduces human counting errors, and also helps companies or restaurants follow compliances.

Our cloud-base software charges a monthly fee, where our sales rep can receive a part of this recurring fee every month. As your customer base grows your income will also grow.

Biometric Access control allows companies to effectively manage personnel’s physical access points, keeping records of all access points.

Hospital Biometric System provides patients’ recognition software, and also doctor and nurse authentication systems.

We have over 25 Biometric related solutions and system for companies that want a more secure and efficient workplace, whether it’s restaurant, government, schools, banks, logistic companies or hotels we have a solutions tailored to their needs.

Sales Opportunity
This is an exceptional opportunity to work with a growing company that focuses on truly supporting their independent rep network. Our commissions are exceptional for this industry since we’re trying to grow in the US and Canadian Markets.

What We Offer:

  • Exceptional commission
  • Marketing Materials, sales support
  • Factory support
  • In-depth training & support
  • An incredible product and engineering team to meet your needs.

Please contact us for more details.

Kevin Lin

BioGrp BioLife Product
Sales Opportunity
Target Customers

Research & Development, R&D, Government, municipality,  restaurant, hospitality, school, zoos, museums, galleries, industrial, corporations, fortune 50, 100, 500 companies, CEO, C-level executives, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Company HR Solutions, Automotives, OEM, Logistics, Manufacturer, Outsource company, Biometric device integrations, Solution Provider.

Product Lines

Biometric (Fingerprint and face recognition) time clock. 

Biometric Access Control.

Total HR solution for warehouse, Logistic, construction, government, hospital, school.

Biometric device integration 

Workforce management

Outsourcing companies management

Cloud HR Management

Real-Time Synchronization

Sales Opportunity

We're the biggest HR solution provider in Taiwan. We have an engineering team of over 20 people. We're one of the few company that's able to provide 24-hour service. 

Most of our customer and projects come from Government, Hospital, construction sites, and restaurants with over 100+ locations. 

We're trying to get our products out on the market right now, so our commissions are exceptional. We always give our reps at least 30% and the reason why we do this is to get our brands and products out on the market. 

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