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Is sales in your DNA? Then we need you.

A strong sales team is critical to the success of our company.
We believe in recruiting the best independent sales representatives that share and embrace our vision and mission and positioning them to be successful.That starts with leadership.

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Growers Custom Equipment (GCE) is a subsidiary of Growers Ice Company, whose mission is to design, engineer, manufacture, sell, and support custom equipment for the agriculture industry.

GCE executives make sales rep development a priority by investing our time and resources into our people. This kind of involvement sets the tone that sales is a priority for GCE and helps us to build an effective, sales-centered culture in our company.

We understand that establishing the right compensation plans are integral to fostering a great team. In developing our sales rep compensation plans we consider the fact that every employee has a role to play in the impression prospect have of our company.

We're looking for candidates that exhibit persistence and drive who take personal responsibility to ensure the customer is satisfied.

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Jim White, PhD - CEO

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Target Customers

Agriculture Industry, Farms, Food / Produce Packers, Food / Produce Shippers, Food / Produce Processors.

Corporate managers, engineers, plant managers, manufacturers and production supervisors, quality controllers, and purchasers.

Product Lines

The Advanced Bin Washer

Sales Opportunity

The Advanced Bin Washer is a 1 to 2 employee/forklift operation, depending on the operation. Water is filtered, treated if preferred, and used again. With a capacity to clean 3-4 bins per minute or 180 – 240 per hour (depending on the operation), the Bin Washer excels in cutting costs and water waste. In 6 hours of operation, it can clean 1,100 – 1,400 bins, depending on the operation. The results are a dramatic increase in productivity and reduction of labor and water cost.

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