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Ventura, CA, United States
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We are seeking professional reps to market our successful, rapidly growing Stretched Fabric System
Fabricmate Logo Wall Finishing Solutions Fabricmate Church Sanctuary Back Wall with Acoustical Fabric Wall Finishing Fabricmate Wall Finishing Panel Installation Fabricmate Acoustical Fabric Wall Mural in office
If you are an established rep who calls on Architects, Designers, Developers, Contractors, Facility Managers such as Schools and Universities, Building Material Suppliers or Hardware Retailers, contact us at:
  • Excellent sales support (training, marketing materials, etc.)
  • Ongoing marketing and lead generation in your territory
  • Generous commission structure
  • UCLA - 7,000 dorm rooms
  • Stanford, Yale, Dartmouth, USC
  • Google, Microsoft, Boeing, Disney
  • US Military Command Centers
  • 1000s of Theaters & Music Studios
  • Superior Acoustics
  • Tackable and Magnetic
  • Impact and Dent Resistant
  • Zero-VOC, Water & Mold Proof
  • High Recycled Content
Sales Opportunity
Target Customers

architects, interior designers, contractors, painters, upholsterers, schools, universities, acoustic contractors, division 9, division nine, division 10, division ten, school districts, hospitality, worship, churches, corporate, office, building owners, facility managers, hospitals, healthcare, acousticians, acoustic ceiling contractors, drywall contractors, AV installers, audio video installers, home theater, theater, hotels, restaurants, ceiling products, hardware stores

Product Lines

interior finishes, acoustic panels, wood panels, metal panels, wall coverings, textiles, marker boards, division 9, division nine, division 10, division ten, acoustic tiles, t-bar, grid, AV equipment, audio video equipment, theater products, school products, worship market, church, ceiling, hardware store products, 

Sales Opportunity

We are currently looking for a sales representative for our Wall Finishing Solution. If you call on Architects and Designers, Contractors, Building Material Suppliers and/or Property Owners such as School Districts and Universities, Developers, Facility Managers or Hardware Retailers, we want to hear from you. Our stretched fabric wall system enhances wall functionality by offering:

  • Acoustic Performance (quiets the space with a NRC of up to 0.90)
  • Tackable Properties that surpass those of cork
  • Impact/Dent Resistance

 Additionally, our Wall Finishing System is ‘Zero-VOC”, water and mold-proof, and has 65% post-consumer recycled product contents. It is distributed nationally through a national distributor and has been specified in hundreds of projects throughout the country, as well as internationally. We offer solid support to our representatives, including samples, high quality sales and marketing materials and great compensation.

We look forward to working with you!

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