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Corporations with revenues exceeding 50 million dollars in the following industries: Industrial Components, Plastic component Companies, Fashion Jewelry Companies, Steel Component Companies and Garden Furniture.  .

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Our company has access to a large Vendor Database throughout South East Asia and currently supplies a large number of well-known companies in the following categories: Plastic and Steel Components and Fashion Jewelry. In each of the product categories listed, we have the capability to manufacture any products, manage the production and organise the logistics etc. We are looking for reps with any expertise in any one of the categories above who can offer their current contact lists great discounts by cutting out the wholesalers.

Sales Opportunity

This is an excellent opportunity for any rep that has access to the requisite buyers/decision makers within any of the one product categories listed. We historically supply wholesalers but would like to now explore the opportunity of supplying clients directly. The huge margins that wholesalers make offers us and our selected reps an opportunity to make a significant amount of money. Our reps will have the support of our New York office as well as our Hong Kong, Chinese and Vietnamese offices. The commissions that we are able to offer are vast in comparison to existing commission structures and depending on the breadth of existing contacts, we will offer exclusive protection.

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State/Country of Home Office: New York, United States
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