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Active Search Strategy

Active: Your most effective method!

  1. Actively search our database of thousands of using keywords and other options.
  2. Identify your .
  3. Then simply press Contact to create the communication.
Active: By Keyword

Our most powerful search method because it allows you to focus on your industry, your customers, your products, and to filter on territories and other criteria of interest to you.

These powerful features are only available to you after you create a profile.

Active: By Customer Category

Easily see how many s we have in your industry who have updated their profiles in the last days.

Active: Search Agents

Search Agents are available once you have created a profile.

Our system will send you an email when new meeting your criteria come in to our database.

  1. Simply use the Search by Keyword feature to create the type of search you want to use.
  2. Click on Advanced Search to reveal the more powerful capabilities available to you.
  3. When you have a search that gives you the results you are looking for, use the My Saved Searches feature to mark that search as a Search Agent.
  4. You can also save your search for easy reuse.
Active: By ID

Look up a directly by their ID number.

Passive Search Strategy

Your is posted so can search and find you. Your results will depend on:

  1. How compelling is your ?
  2. How many markets did you post it in?
  3. How often you press ?
Best Search Strategy

Our users tell us that the best results come from using both Active and Passive search strategies together.

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- How To Find One

speaker Explain it to me

-second audio
speaker Explain it to me

-second audio

This function will automatically search for matching 's based on the keywords you have entered in your profile and your selected Territories.

If you are not seeing what you expect, please make sure that the section on page 2 of your profile fully describes your target market, your industry, and your products and services.