The Wine Industry

Expanding with Sales Reps in the Wine and Spirits Market

The wine industry is a growing sector of the economy in many states, with investors and small operations opening in order to meet the sales resurgence in the wine market. Wineries have an array of sales choices: in-house sales personnel, online direct to retail sales, wine wholesalers, or a network of outside independent sales reps or sales rep agencies. Each choice comes with its own positive and negative attributes. How to sell and not get lost in a market awash in competition and potential middlemen?

Since 2001 the beer market has steadily been losing market share to the wine and spirit markets. With greater demand - especially in the under 30 and over 50 age groups - wineries are looking at ways to improve market penetration or expanding territorial reach to capture their share of the growing market.

Connecting with independent sales reps or agencies, serving as wholesalers, that have the sales experience, connections with the wine selling establishments (restaurants, specialty shops and retail stores), product training and cold-calling presentation and negotiation skills is one way to quickly expand sales. Using experienced commission-only, independent wine sales reps can help both established wineries and new ventures increase wine sales and market coverage. Sales reps aid wine wholesalers in increasing sales volume, frontlines in wine market feedback on pricing and marketing, and - with their profit motive - keep sales expenses down versus the overhead of an in-house sales force.

Getting your product into the right hands requires strategic work. Territorial growth and market penetration are accelerated by augmenting in-house staff with experienced independent sales reps. Check out RepHunter today to kick start your wholesale sales representatives.

Did you know?

  • The US beer, wine, and liquor store industry includes over 30,000 stores with combined annual revenue of about $45 billion?
  • The US has a highly fragmented market: the top 50 companies account for only 20% of sales?
  • The wine, beer and spirits market is one of the most diverse - including grocery stores, warehouse clubs, convenience stores, some drugstores, restaurants, bars and some online sales?
  • From 2014 to 2015 US wine sales increased and average of 4% and direct to consumer shipments increased 9%?
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics show employment in the wine industry increased 21% in 2015?
  • In the Napa Valley of California, the wine industry accounts for over 10% of all jobs in 2010 and was forecasted to continue to increase faster than average through 2016?

Find the Best wine Sales Rep
How to Find wine Sales Rep Opportunities

Wine sales reps can help wineries bring a new wine product to market or expand market penetration to include a mix of retail and restaurant buyers with their level of marketing savvy, understanding of wines and the wine industry, and their business relationships. It takes planning and effort to get your products from the vineyard to the varied end user markets, and historically commission-only wholesale sales reps have the skills and connections to help your business bridge that gap.

As a winery, obtaining distribution alone can be a challenge, especially if you are also handling the many legal and operations complexities of a start-up business. Having an online presence can help sales in a passive selling way. To speed up the sales process, independent sale representatives or wine sales rep agencies can add your products to their territory and wine buying establishments, moving your products through an established wholesale distribution channel.

Even if your company utilizes an in-house sales staff, wholesale commission-only sales reps can provide you with the sales experience and expertise for your area with the additional asset of utilizing the profit motive. To get your product off the ground quickly and profitably, a wine sales rep or agency can be the greatest leverage point for success. The experience wine sales reps have working with large and small establishments, and knowing what wine buyers and sommeliers are looking for, provide great benefits to the wine industry.

RepHunter makes it easy for wineries, licensed importers and wine distributors and independent sales reps to find each other through our quickly searchable database of wineries (in our terminology, "Principals") seeking reps and Reps seeking principals.

For Principals looking for wine sales reps, RepHunter's database is full of commission-only reps that are both actively seeking new winery and distribution accounts and are professional in working towards the success of their business partners.

So if you are looking for great commission-only wine reps or sales rep agency looking for new wine products, sign up with RepHunter today and meet your professional and business goals.

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