The Software Industry

The software industry is a very exciting and cutting edge place in outside sales. More than 70% of venture capital investments were in software as of 2011. Software helps businesses find ways to perform necessary functions faster, more effectively, and at a greater scale.

Software sales are generally business to business, and success in making the sale requires a highly intelligent and technically proficient team of sales reps. Selling software may require not just domestic, but global travel on the part of reps, who will need to provide feedback to the producers of the software in order to add new features, fix bugs, and keep up with the fast paced world of software.

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  • Did you know?

    • The software industry accounts for $150 billion in revenue domestically
    • Globally the software industry accounts for $300 billion in annual revenue
    • 40% of revenue in the industry is attributable to operating systems
    • 35% of revenue is application software (enterprise, accounting, and office suite products)

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    How to Find software Sales Rep Opportunities

    The software industry is a space that attracts highly intelligent and highly motivated people at every level, from designers to coders to manufacturers, suppliers, or service providers (“principals”) to skilled outside sales reps. It is also a highly competitive industry, in which innovation is not just prized, but necessary. To keep your product flying off the shelves, you need a team of outside sales reps that are skilled at selling software and effective communicators with the businesses that function in your product’s niche, however narrow or broad that might be.

    A good software sales rep will help you find new leads, strengthen your relationships with customers, provide more insight into the direction your customers want your product to head in, and of course, sell. Outside sales representatives must be capable of talking with high level representatives of potential clients in both highly technical and results-oriented language at the same time. Since the software industry is so competitive, finding commission-only outside sales reps to sell your product can be a great advantage, as commission adds further incentive to the efforts of already energetic sales teams.

    As a software sales rep, you are already familiar with the rigors of the field. While highly competitive and requiring a very strong work ethic, the software industry pays off not just financially, but through the variety of challenges and problem-solving opportunities it provides. If you enjoy figuring things out for a living, software sales is a great fit for you.

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