The Retail Industry

The retail industry is a major employer of the US workforce, and a thriving sector of the economy. The retail industry encompasses a variety of product categories, from automobiles, cosmetics, food, clothing, toys, and more. Breaking into the retail industry and expanding your reach requires B2B savvy, and using experienced commission-only retail sales reps can help you increase your distribution and place your product in a variety of stores.

Whether you are targeting a grocery store, a supermarket, independent or big box stores, getting your product into the right hands requires strategic work and can be helped along with a staff of independent reps. Check out RepHunter today to kick start your outside sales.

Did you know?

  • According to the IRS, the retail sector accounts for nearly 10% of the US gross national product
  • Retail is the largest employer of people in the US
  • Nearly 1.8 million jobs are expected to be added in retail between 2010 and 2020
  • Retail sales in the US in 2011 amounted to $4.7 trillion

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How to Find retail Sales Rep Opportunities

Whether the product you want to bring to market is a clothing line, a road bike, an ice cream, or a children’s toy, you’ll need to navigate the retail industry and take your product from the manufacturer to retail stores, be they independent, online, or major retailers like Wal-Mart. It takes planning and effort to help products reach storefronts, and a commission-only independent retail sales rep can help with this task.

As the producer of a retail item, obtaining distribution alone can be a challenge. Promoting your product successfully in the retail industry requires attending trade shows, giving presentations, creating brochures, and maintaining an online presence. This is addition to creating relationships with resellers, guaranteeing your own supply chain is functioning smoothly, and looking for opportunities to expand your line. It is a lot of responsibility for one person and even an in-house staff. A commission-only retail sales rep can attend trade shows on your behalf, leverage their own contacts to create contracts for you, and provide you with experience and expertise in your niche. To get your product off the ground, a commission-only outside sales rep can be vital.

As a commission-only retail sales rep, you know that carrying exciting retail product lines is important to making your job fulfilling and profitable. The experience retail sales reps have in working with large and small retailers, and navigating the retail trade show world, can provide great benefits to a number of businesses. It’s easy to add great retail sales lines with RepHunter’s searchable database of manufacturers and distributors of products (in our terminology, "Principals").

If you are either looking for great retail reps or are a retail rep looking for new lines, sign up with RepHunter today to meet your professional and business goals in retail sales. RepHunter is the #1 place online for manufacturers and outside sales reps alike. Whether you are an outside sales representative or a Principal, get started today by clicking on one of our buttons to the right.

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