The Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most challenging & rewarding sales industries in the United States, with increasingly greater sales opportunities for independent reps.

It is an aggressive market, with new products continually appearing and familiar products assuming generic form. A manufacturer, supplier, or service provider (or as referred to here, a "Principal") needs outside sales reps who enjoy an intellectual challenge, who have a background in the sciences or selling medical and pharmaceutical products, and who have contacts with doctors and healthcare staff.

If you are an outside sales rep in the pharmaceutical industry, RepHunter offers fantastic opportunities to meet Principals looking for commission based independent reps. One of the major pharma trends is to rely more and more on 1099 reps as part of the sales force. Tap into the potential of pharma sales with RepHunter by clicking one of the two buttons to the right today.

Did you know?

  • The US is the world’s largest market for pharmaceuticals.
  • US firms conduct 80% of the R & D in biotechnology.
  • In 2010, the pharma sector employed approximately 272,000 people.
  • In 2010, generic drug sales in the US were valued at $78 billion.
  • The pharma industry is expected to grow 4.8% a year through 2015.

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How to Find pharma Sales Rep Opportunities

The pharmaceutical industry has grown into a very important and “recession-proof” part of the US economy. Generic pharmaceutical manufacturing is expected to grow by 6.3% between 2012 and 2017, according to market research firm IBISWorld. This sector in particular has demonstrated great potential for independent sales reps that can bring an entrepreneurial skill-set to the table and promote pharmaceutical products once their patents have expired.

For Principals, independent sales reps have a great deal of appeal in the pharmaceutical industry based on their connections with healthcare professionals and their background in the field. An experienced outside sales rep with the persistence to last through a lengthy sales cycle, and multiple “touches” with physicians, healthcare staff, and purchasing groups, is of premium importance.

For an independent sales rep in the industry, trends in pharma point the way to greater opportunity than ever. Commissions may be based on scripts or on samples given out. Fresh approaches to selling drugs are appreciated, as companies look for outside sales reps that make the most of their face time with medical staff. A lean, mean sales machine able to apply scientific knowledge to sales and deepen relationships within a specific health niche (heart medications, antidepressants, etc.) may be the future face of the pharmaceutical industry.

RepHunter is a great venue for Principals to find the most highly qualified independent sales reps, and for sales reps, lucrative new lines in the pharmaceutical industry. Search lines and outside sales reps and join today to expand your horizons in the pharma industry.

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Member #4409 "Matt & Jeff, This is a letter to say 'Thank you' for providing such a valuable tool as It has provided us with an ongoing source for independent reps as we continue to grow our business. Since May, we have signed on over 30 Independent Reps across the US. We also found the reps have helped us to improve our service and increase market penetration. I would recommend to anyone who wants to build a dynamic and talented independent sales force. Thanks again guys for your innovative approach to finding sales reps. Kind Regards." - Tedd Howsare, Dir of Sales & Marketing, PharmaLink, Inc

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Member #42728 "The site has been amazing at linking me to good strong industrial companies - I love it. Keep up the good work." - John Glebas, OEM Sales Engineers

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