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The Pharmaceutical Industry

For independent sales reps, the pharmaceutical industry offers increasingly profitable and available opportunities. To succeed in pharma, you don’t need to look for drug rep jobs where you must abandon the independent, commission based lifestyle to which you have become accustomed. More and more companies are looking for 1099 reps that will bring a mix of existing business relationships, entrepreneurial skill, and scientific knowledge, interest, and background to the table to generate new revenue for pharmaceutical products.

How do you find these opportunities, and present your experience in a compelling way to earn new contracts? Read our tips for outside sales reps below.

Demonstrating Pharmaceutical Knowledge

What sets pharmaceutical sales rep positions apart from other sales opportunities is the amount of scientific fluency required. For an independent rep, this goes even deeper than it does for in-house pharmaceutical sales rep jobs. Independent reps need to be able to persuade doctors and medical staff to prescribe or purchase drugs based on recent trials, on demonstrated success, and data filled reports. Background in or ability to quickly pick up on pharmacology and chemistry are vitally important to succeeding in this field as an outside sales representative. Developing a medical specialty or two, say in diabetes, heart health, or mood disorders, can set you up to earn new lines more easily. Medical professionals have limited time to listen to sales pitches, and being intimately familiar with what they do can maximize your time and theirs, and leave a good impression. The investment in knowledge and news does pay off, as pharmaceutical sales rep opportunities can be extremely lucrative.

Stay Up to Date on Certifications

You can get your foot in the door more easily if you not only have a science background (a B.S. or even a Master’s in the sciences) and experience in pharmaceutical sales rep jobs, but also have certifications from leading pharmaceutical associations. One of those associations, The National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives, offers training and certifications. The American Pharmaceutical Sales Association also offers certification programs. These can help you stand out as an outside sales rep.

Work Ethic and Connections

Another important aspect of getting new lines and being able to succeed at selling pharmaceuticals is work ethic. Can you show that you are willing to pound the pavement, attend trade shows, arrange presentations and attend conferences to get the most product ordered? Demonstrating that you have existing relationships with doctors, health care providers, nurses, and other medical staff will help you find new lines and commissions at a rate that are most favorable to you.

If you are looking for more than your average in-house pharmaceutical sales rep jobs, you’ve come to the right place. Follow industry trends and look into independent pharmaceutical sales rep opportunities on RepHunter today. Use the form below to create your profile, start your search for lines and boost your success as an outside sales rep.

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