The Medical Device & Medical Equipment Industry

The medical supply & medical device industry is without question one of the largest and most lucrative in the United States. This sector offers outside sales opportunities of an almost infinite variety, as the health sector needs everything from medical devices to specialized accounting and reporting software, uniforms, furniture, equipment, and disposable products.

For the enterprising independent medical sales rep or medical sales company owner, there is plenty of money to be made and good to do in the medical device industry. Disposable gloves, studies and trials, x-ray equipment, drug testing services, hip implants, and more can be introduced to new partners through the use of independent sales reps with valuable connections and experience in the health industry.

Whether you are an outside sales representative or a manufacturer, supplier, or service provider (or as referred to here, a "Principal"), RepHunter can provide you opportunities to tap into new markets and build mutually beneficial business connections in the medical supply industry.

Did you know?

  • The U.S. Department of Labor projects that the social assistance and healthcare industries will create about 28% of all new jobs in the U.S. economy through 2020?
  • The U.S. Department of Labor also projects the healthcare and social assistance industry to grow by 33% (a total of 5.7 million new jobs) in the same period?
  • Healthcare's yearly projected growth rate is 3%, the strongest of any field?
  • 400,000 people are currently directly employed in the medical device industry in the United States, and over 2 million more are supported by it?

Find the Best medical Sales Rep
How to Find medical Sales Rep Opportunities

The amount of equipment and infrastructure needed to provide health services in the United States is vast, and part of what allows the United States to provide the cutting edge medical services that it does. Whether you are selling something as simple as a cotton swab or as complicated as a CT scan machine, there is an important place for you in the medical device & medical supply industry.

From the vantage point of a Principal, an independent sales rep can put a fire under your product and get it out to new clients faster than staffing up and training an internal sales team. Independent sales reps in the medical device industry have pre-existing contacts with doctors, hospitals, and medical staff in a set territory, and only need to be brought up to speed on your specific product. Outside sales reps can help your target customer see the connection between their needs and your product to the range of experience they’ve built up, and may even be able to cross-sell products. In addition to all this, they can represent your line at trade shows and health industry conferences.

From the perspective of an independent sales rep, the medical supply industry is a stellar one in which to expand your foothold. The variety of products sold in the industry allows for great cross-selling opportunities, and the knowledge built up in this niche makes you increasingly valuable to present and future Principals. Commission for many products can be very attractive.

RepHunter is a great way to find new and highly qualified independent sales reps for your medical supply industry lines and vice versa for the outside sales rep looking to further leverage great relationships they’ve made in the health industry. Search lines and outside representatives and join today.

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