The Wholesale Jewelry Industry

The jewelry industry is a thriving aspect of retail that offers manufacturers, designers, and salespeople to tap into creativity and give people a product that will give them joy.

The jewelry industry has recovered robustly from the recession, and has been growing steadily. The jewelry industry offers a lot of opportunity for smaller outfits to market their goods. Tradeshows are very important in this industry, and to get the most out of them a skilled jewelry sales rep is an invaluable asset. Use RepHunter today to find outside sales reps and jewelry lines and increase your engagement with the jewelry industry.

Did you know?

  • The United States leads the world in the consumption of diamond jewelry
  • The US jewelry and watch market grew to $71.3 billion in 2012
  • Jewelry revenue increased 6% from 2011 to 2012
  • China is the world’s largest consumer of platinum

Find the Best jewelry Sales Rep
How to Find jewelry Sales Rep Opportunities

In many ways, the jewelry industry is similar to the apparel industry (and by extension, the sportswear industry and the giftware industry). It is a consumer facing industry with a lot of room for creativity. Making an impact with your product requires attending gift shows, showing off samples, and often, hiring an outside sales representative to help you with these tasks and getting into good shops and galleries.

Finding a jewelry sales rep can help you accelerate your business growth. A outside sales rep allows you to concentrate on operations, manufacturing, and design, instead of on getting your product into stores. That can be an uphill battle if you don’t have sales experience, or experience in the jewelry industry, but a trusted outside sales rep can make that a lot easier. Tap into their rolodex and add your line to theirs to get your product sold faster. Sales reps have a lot of experience in presenting samples at gift shows, or setting up a showroom, or even helping you on the internet to promote your product.

For an outside sales representative, finding new jewelry lines is important to your livelihood. In many cases you need more than one line to make a good living. Presenting samples of work you admire and meeting people at tradeshows can be a fun and invigorating experience, and many jewelry sales reps enjoy the travel. If you like jewelry or art, being a jewelry sales rep is an exciting occupation.

If you are in the jewelry industry and need to promote your product, sign up with RepHunter to find great commission-only jewelry sales reps. RepHunter also offers the opportunity to branch out into new lines and meet these companies if you are an outside sales rep. Get started today by clicking on one of our buttons to the right.

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