The Giftware Industry

One of the most dynamic and longstanding industries in the sales world is the gifts industry. Gifts constitute a vast array of products, including home accents, souvenirs, fragrances, holiday merchandise, childrens’ toys, and much more.

Gifts can be found in almost any type of business, and are supplied to independent retailers, major stores, and for festivals and other events. For the manufacturer, supplier, or service provider (or as referred to here, a "Principal")" and outside sales rep alike, the gift industry offers huge potential.

If you are looking to improve your gift industry exposure, RepHunter offers a place where both outside sales reps and manufacturers/distributors can meet online. Click on the buttons to the right to explore opportunities available now for either rep or distributor, or continue exploring our gift, souvenir, and novelty industry section to learn tips of the trade.

Did you know?

  • The gift, novelty, and souvenir store industry has an annual revenue of approximately $18 billion?
  • That the industry has approximately 30,000 stores, not counting department stores, internet retailers, and more?
  • Souvenir & novelty items make up about 30 percent of sales in the gift industry?

Find the Best gift Sales Rep
How to Find gift Sales Rep Opportunities

If you have a line of fantastic gifts and/or accessories, the best way to kick start your products and establish your lines is if you venture into the marketing world and find someone to help you advertise, distribute, and make connections in your industry. RepHunter is designed to help you find outside sales representatives that can undertake this process for you, leaving you to handle the work of bringing designs into fruition.

Your new outside sales representative will start out by determining what audience you want to target. You may be looking for general consumers, a specific age group, or any other sort of demographic. Nailing down exactly who you want to reach is the first step in actually reaching them.

Once you have your target audience nailed down, the next step is finding the best medium to let them know about your great products. Not all forms of advertising are created equal. Different age groups use different forms of social media and use various forms of entertainment. A good outside sales rep will navigate these worlds on your behalf with skill.

Gift trade shows and events occur regularly in the gift industry, where unique and exciting products are shown and you can reach out directly to consumers. Your outside sales representative can help you determine which events are going to give you the most bang for your buck and even attend these shows.

It’s also helpful to contact large scale buyers directly and set up meetings, either at a trade show or independently. Having a buyer focused on what you’re offering rather than being forced to compete with other artists will give you an extra edge.

A sales rep in the souvenir industry will also be able to help you personalize your interactions with potential buyers. The more you know about the buyers’ wants and needs, the more you can tailor your product to them. Having that information prior to meeting with a buyer is even more powerful. When you’re ready to take your gifts to the next level find a sales rep who can help your business get the attention it deserves.

Principal Review

independent gift sales reps
Member #55663 "I have to tell you that you guys put together a PHENOMENAL website and service. I could not believe the amount of interest in our services and the serious minded individuals who responded. It is extremely refreshing and I was overwhelmed with responses and could not get to all of them! I will write a testimonial in my next email. I only needed three reps, and that is how many I hired through RepHunter. I will keep going as soon as I finish training these guys and having them produce, I will keep adding more and more reps so long as they are successful. This site is pure gold. Thank you again!" - Yasmin Khalil, APS

Rep Review

independent gift sales rep opportunities
Member #55043 "Brenda, I wanted to thank you for your help. For about the last 2 years I have had growth but needed some new ideas. I stumbled across your site and have to say, what a wonderful experience. Before I was done browsing, there was already somebody that contacted me about repping his product. If you ever have any ideas you want to share with me, I will sure take them." - Kyle O Erickson, KOES Reps

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