The Food Service Sales Industry

The food service industry provides hours of enjoyment and unique experiences to diners across the country. To serve as many people as restaurants, cafeterias, bars, and grocery stores do, they need a reliable supply of food preparation products and food. Food service brokers and distributors along with outside food sales representatives provide quality products that help these businesses succeed.

Use RepHunter to find food service brokers or independent reps to help get your company’s food or restaurant supply products to the right chain and independent wholesalers, retail stores and restaurants. RepHunter has highly qualified independent B2B food service brokers with years of experience getting food and food prep products to the market. With commission-only independent sales agents, you can maximize your food services sales and distribution success.

Did you know?

  • The restaurant industry has over 13.5 million employees
  • It employs 10% of the restaurant workforce
  • The food service industry makes over $600 billion in sales
  • There are almost 1 million restaurant locations in the United States
  • The top food service companies make more than $400 million in sales each year

Find the Best food-broker Sales Rep
How to Find food-broker Sales Rep Opportunities

Restaurants, stores, and caterers get the tools they need to stay in business from food service distributors and brokers. These products include wholesale foods, spices, specialty food products, food preparation equipment, ovens, and tableware. Restaurants and food service providers have many needs that can be filled by an able food service distributor, and new restaurants, cafes, and food trucks open every day that may need your products.

To get the greatest exposure for your product lines, put them in the hands of an experienced independent food service broker or sales rep. With many possible targets in a territory, tapping into the experience of a commission-only food sales rep can help you get a leg up on the competition, and quickly establish your market presence. The sheer variety of products in the food services industry means that food brokers or sales reps find it easier to carry your products without competing with their other lines.

As a food services distributor or broker, working with food service brokers to move your product into new territories maximizes your sales potential. Brokers readily tap into their existing contacts, helping your business grow faster so you can concentrate on the wide range of products that food service companies need. Like many other businesses, food service companies have been changing in past years, shifting to more eco-friendly products, selling more international foods, focusing on organic and more specialized ingredients, and more. Having commission-only sales agents or reps with years in the industry picking up on these needs and communicating them back to you gives your business an edge.

If you are in the food services industry, as either a food services broker or sales agent or as a manufacturer, broker, distributor, or service provider (in our terminology, “Principal,”) sign up with RepHunter to find the highly qualified sales representatives you want, as quickly as possible. Get started today by clicking on one of our buttons below.

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