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One of the most vital industries in the United States is the financial services industry. It encompasses such economic giants as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and MetLife, as well as smaller financial services companies that make their mark in more localized markets.

Products offered by financial services companies include insurance, stocks, bonds, loans, and more. To operate such businesses, companies need a variety of services for fulfillment, training, and so on. Companies that sell to the financial sector often rely upon persistent and intelligent outside sales reps to explain the intricacies of the offerings to potential clientele.

This is where RepHunter comes in. RepHunter offers reps the opportunity to find new lines in the financial services sales industry, and financial services sales companies the opportunity to find highly qualified independent reps that can start selling their products out of the gate. Sign up today or search outside sales reps to receive the benefits of RepHunter.

Did you know?

  • The financial services industry, along with insurance, is expected to grow by 9% from 2010 to 2020.
  • The US financial services industry comprises 50% of non-farm business profits.
  • Insurance makes up roughly 45% of financial services revenue.
  • Banks and credit unions make up about 20% of financial services revenue, and securities firms 15%.
  • Securities firms comprise 15% of financial services revenue.

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How to Find financial Sales Rep Opportunities

The financial services industry offers a wide range of financial products that help build businesses strengthen investment portfolios, and more. These products are needed by everyone from seniors to entrepreneurs to young families just starting out. Whether you are selling stocks, mutual funds, or even bank cards, you are likely to run into an independent rep that can help do your job better through useful and targeted products.

Independent reps in the financial services sales field provide personal care and customer service to the businesses and clients in their territory. Their job is to set clients up with an appropriate set of finance-related products, and can guide you to great future innovations in the field, as well. Engaging with an independent financial services sales rep can save you thousands of dollars on organizational costs and ensure you have support as you implement new solutions for your financial services business.

For financial services sales companies, independent reps are a boon to their business model. They bring entrepreneurial skill always welcome in making business decisions, and often years of experience in the field. Commission-oriented contracts keep outside sales representatives driven, and allow financial services sales companies greater reach in a field that is already highly competitive. Regardless of whether the organization targeted is one of the top financial services companies by revenue, or a local market player, independent reps play a major role in making the sale.

To find financial services sales companies in need of independent reps, or to find an outside sales rep for your financial services sales company, RepHunter is the place for you. Start today by clicking one of the two buttons to the right.

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