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Succeeding in selling to financial services requires great traditional sales skills and a penchant for knowing and communicating the ins and outs of complicated economic factors and financial products. If all of these things sound like they’re right in your wheelhouse, you are probably an independent rep already, looking not just for financial services sales jobs but for new commission-based lines that allow you to tap into your entrepreneurial skills and excel. How do you find these opportunities and show financial services sales companies you can succeed? Check out our tips for outside sales reps below.

Show Off Your Intelligence

The financial services industry in particular does not favor the shy. It’s a field that attracts bright minds, and to stand out as someone who cannot just perform a financial services sales job, but excel as an independent rep, be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of finance. Show off your economic knowledge, emphasize your educational background, and make sure you are up to date on all of the trends pertaining to the business you are seeking when looking for an outside sales job. Selling to financial services is impossible if you can’t prove to the client or to the firm you represent that you understand what you are selling and how it helps the business you’re targeting. Show your drive to learn and your ability to research the field.

Maintain Good Credit

As a financial services sales rep, you can’t afford to be the cobbler with no shoes. Make sure your credit score is healthy, and be able to explain any missteps in the past. Or, even better, clean up the missteps before pursuing new lines as an outside sales representative in the financial services industry.

Interview Well

If you can’t interview with confidence in getting a new line, you will again run into the cobbler with no shoes problem. As with any outside sales position, social skills are extremely important in a financial services sales job, but in the case of the work an independent financial sales rep must do, interviewing need not only be warm and strategic, but precise. In purchasing the product you are selling, a client may be entrusting you with large sums of money, and relying upon your product to help them make big gains. Making mistakes in your assessments or even your math can shake the confidence of your client. Show the company interested in contracting you that those mistakes will be few and far between by acing your interview and demonstrating your ability to discuss financial transactions on a deep level.

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