The Beauty & Cosmetic Industry

In the sales world, one of the largest and most visible industries is the beauty & cosmetic industry. This industry is a major part of our everyday lives, encompassing skin care products, hair products, makeup, perfume, eyeglasses and more. You can find the wide variety of products sold in the beauty supply industry everywhere from boutiques to department stores to events and online. For both the intrepid independent sales rep and the manufacturer, supplier, or service provider (or as referred to here, a "Principal"), there are many opportunities to build up a beauty & cosmetic industry business.

If you are interested in boosting your beauty product business or adding new lines to your outside sales repertoire, RepHunter allows you to connect and establish the business relationships that can help you both prosper. Click on the buttons to the right to find opportunities relevant to you as a Principal or you as an outside sales rep in the beauty industry, or explore our resources below to learn more about building business in this exciting niche.

Did you know?

  • The beauty, cosmetic, and personal care industry sold $68.7 billion in the United States and over $400 billion internationally in 2012?
  • This industry is projected to grow 3-4% each year over the next 5 years in the United States?
  • The beauty and personal care industry is nearly recession proof, posting gains in growth almost every year?
  • About 20% of sales in this niche come from hair products, 27% from skin care, 15% from makeup, 10% from fragrances, and 23% from other (toothpaste, sunscreen, etc.).

Find the Best beauty Sales Rep
How to Find beauty Sales Rep Opportunities

If you’ve developed a unique skin care, hair, makeup, or other personal care product and are ready to broaden your reach, connecting with independent sales reps who have experience and contacts in your industry is a great, low overhead way to go. RepHunter is here to help you build those relationships and find independent sales reps that can start the job for you today.

There is huge variety in the beauty and personal care products industry, with offerings of every stripe, targeted to diverse markets. Vegan eye creams, organic hair care products, revolutionary makeup lines, local cosmetics – there is a product for every consumer taste. Independent sales reps in the beauty industry can help you with your demographic targeting and put your product in front of the right stores and people. Rely upon their experience as an outside sales representative in your industry to get your product in more hands faster.

An independent sales rep can also help you with your online presence. Beauty and cosmetic industry experts, these reps can provide insight on the right channels for meeting potential clients, and help you build up the marketing resources you need. It helps their commission, and it helps their bottom line.

Trade shows are also important ways to meet new clientele in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Outside sales reps can attend these shows on your behalf and connect you with trade association contacts that can mentor you if you’re just starting out with a product or hitting a new market.

Sales reps in the beauty industry can also help you court potential buyers. Leveraging their own contacts to get your product in front of wholesale buyers or tastemakers can make a huge difference in your sales. Tapping into the outside sales experience of a rep in your market can help you take your offerings to the next level and leave you to do what you do best, overseeing the creation of quality products that make people’s lives better.

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Member #40702 "We found a few great reps here that we’re going to start with. When we’re needing more, we’ll definitely use your service again. Will recommend to others as well. A great resource! (Please feel free to use this as a testimonial.)" - Lexi Soulios, Jeans Cream

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Member #42910 "Not only was RepHunter able to match us up with outstanding manufacturers within days..the quality service they provide is outstanding. Don’t worry about lost contacts or questions concerning current clients...Brenda Sorenson was always there - every step of the way! RepHunter is our favorite and most effective web site for obtaining new products!" - John C. Warner, Sales Rep