The Automotive Sales Industry

The automotive industry is a complex and multifaceted sector that encompasses manufacturers, dealers, parts, supplies, chemicals, and more. No matter where you fall in the automotive industry landscape, your success is predicated upon successful relationships in the sector, and successful distribution of your product. When you need help kick starting your outside sales and maintaining contacts in the business, look to commission-only automotive sales reps to get you the help you need.

RepHunter’s vast database of outside reps and manufacturers, distributors, and service providers (referred to here as “Principals”) includes many reps and Principals in the automotive industry. Search RepHunter today for highly qualified professionals and businesses in the automotive industry and find the mutual success you’re looking for.

Did you know?

  • The US automotive industry supports almost 8 million jobs
  • The automotive industry is the biggest exporting sector in the US
  • Auto-related jobs generate more than $70 billion in tax revenues a year
  • 4.11 million cars were produced in the US in 2012

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How to Find automotive Sales Rep Opportunities

B2B auto sales staff may be selling materials used in cars, containing glass, rubber, steel, aluminum, or plastic. They may also be responsible for selling operational equipment and programs that help auto manufacturers, auto parts salesmen, and auto dealers do their jobs. They may be selling original equipment or aftermarket parts. Regardless of the product in question, in order to expand market reach and acquire loyal customers, one needs a highly skilled sales staff with a deep familiarity with the marketplace. For businesses looking to grow fast, building an independent auto sales rep team with years of experience and pre-existing contacts can be a successful way of meeting business/sales goals.

As an automotive sales rep, taking on new commission-only lines can help you expand your income and make the most of the valuable industry contacts you have built up over the years. If you’re the kind of person who has loved cars since grade school, automotive sales are a great way for you to engage with your passion and talk shop with people who love the inner workings of cars as much as you do. Express your car know-how and excitement to the manufacturers, distributors, or providers (known here as “Principals”) of auto parts and services, and lucrative should come your way.

As an automobile industry principal, RepHunter is a great place to find new outside sales reps online who can carry your product proudly through a variety of markets across the United States and even internationally. An independent sales rep can help save you the headache of staffing up in your own office, and offer more mobility and flexibility when it comes to the businesses that you can reach with your products.

If you are in the auto industry and need to find qualified outside sales reps who can serve you well in B2B settings, you’ve come to the right place in RepHunter. As an auto sales rep looking for new lines, RepHunter is just as equally the right place for you. Get started today and expand your professional and business opportunities by clicking on one of our buttons to the right to search for Lines or Sales Reps!

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Member #11952 "I am so glad to have found the RepHunter service. Since joining last month, we have placed 13 new reps! RepHunter is a great resource and I would recommend it to anyone looking for reps. It is well worth the subscription cost." - Lisha Vines, Creative Enterprises

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independent automotive sales rep opportunities
Member #26448 "I am very pleased I found your site -- one of the best things that has happened for me in a while -- have passed this on to two other associates." - James Kruntorad, Sales Rep{

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