The Apparel Industry

The apparel industry brings together creative and smart businesspeople who are interested in selling something everyone needs - clothes.

There are as many varieties of apparel companies and outside sales reps as there are types of clothing and manufacturing processes. The apparel industry offers a unique element of self-expression and the ability to connect to micromarkets and specific lifestyles. Promotional products, organic fibers, sports gear, new lines from familiar brands - these are just a few of the opportunities available in the apparel industry.

RepHunter connects Principals and Sales Reps in the apparel industry with one another to increase the effectiveness of the sales process and save valuable time and money on the part of each.

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Did you know?

  • The Apparel Industry is expected to grow 11% over the course of 2008 to 2018?
  • In 2011, the U. S. Fashion industry grew 4%?
  • An Apparel Sales rep can make anywhere form 40k to 100k a year?
  • The U. S. apparel market is the largest in the world, with a market value of $331 billion?
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How to Find apparel Sales Rep Opportunities

Outside Sales Reps in the clothing industry can serve different functions. At the wholesale level, a company may be interested in finding an apparel sales rep with experiencing in placing clothing lines in stores. This type of rep specializes in trade show and showroom work to obtain apparel distribution in retail stores. This position often requires travel from market to market, trade show to trade show. Commission and networking are especially prized here. Specific educational programs are available to help a sales rep break into this work, and these accreditations, in addition to experience, may be valued by clothing sales Principals.

B2B direct sales are another common need in the apparel industry. Here Principals need reps for selling clothes to organizations in need of custom apparel to bear their brand. Organizations may also be in need of work uniforms, or team apparel. As with the wholesale level, networking abilities and previous contacts, in addition to education, are coveted skills.

Retail sales reps are also important in the clothing industry. The educational level and experience level required here is somewhat lower, but an outgoing personality and networking skills are just as essential.

RepHunter can connect Principals and outside Sales Reps in any niche in the apparel industry with one another. For businesses, we help find sales reps that are supremely qualified to sell their product and get it in front of the desired customer base. For sales reps, we help find businesses that offer the best match for their skills and the greatest opportunity to succeed professionally.

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