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OEM sales are a significant part of the global economy, yet by their very nature attract little attention. OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, can refer to businesses that specialize in producing parts or components that are then sold under another company's name, individually or as part of a package, or it can refer to the companies that buy such components from another party. Intel, for example, creates processors used in a variety of PCs but sold and serviced under a specific brand name. Regardless of which type of OEM is referred to, OEM sales are generally B2B sales in the middle of the supply chain.

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Did you know?

    OEMs include:

    • Motor & equipment manufacturers
    • Automotive aftermarket suppliers
    • Heavy duty manufacturers
    • Motor & equipment remanufacturers
    • Wireless technology manufacturers
    • IT component manufacturers
    • and more.

    40% of consumer electronics in the world come from OEM Foxconn according to Statista.

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How to Find OEM Sales Rep Opportunities

It is difficult to speak of an OEM industry, necessarily, since OEM describes a place in the supply chain in a model that applies to many industries. OEM sales involve selling a product that has been manufactured to a business that can put its own brand on the product. For example, a refrigerator manufacturer like Frigidaire, for example, may sell refrigerators to outlets like Sears, who will sell the products under their own name. Sears will also provide customer service and support, and possibly bonus features. This is also referred to as a value-added reseller (VAR).

In other situations (this phrase is common in computer and IT industries), the "OEM" is considered the reseller, and not the manufacturer. FoxConn, for example, produces products for Apple, which is considered the "OEM" in this case. Perhaps in an effort to distinguish the manufacturer without using the term "OEM," FoxConn is also referred to as an "original design manufacturer." In 2011, 94% of all notebooks were designed and produced by Taiwanese OEM companies.

As a manufacturer of parts, securing contracts to provide your product to resellers requires hard-working outside sales representatives, often with a technical background. Outside sales representatives often need to have a high level of understanding of engineering plans and prints, and an ability to speak fluently about your and similar products. OEM sales reps are essential to getting your products to the resellers.

OEM sales reps enjoy a challenging career that often requires a lot of travel to visit higher-level executives at some of the world's most prominent businesses. OEM reps are often responsible for helping businesses include more of their company’s products in their line, and following major industrial sales trends.

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