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As in many other sales industries, success in selling OEM as a commission-only outside sales rep involves carrying multiple lines. Knowing your market and knowing your existing customer base well are important to making the most of any OEM sales jobs opportunities. Where can you find lines to add to your portfolio that will help you make the most possible commission as an independent sales rep?

Check out the tips from RepHunter below and learn how to get the most out of your OEM sales opportunities.

Know Your Market

The most lucrative opportunities in OEM sales emerge where manufacturers are just beginning to break into new markets. To grow faster, such companies often are seeking independent OEM sales reps able to drive sales quickly with their existing knowledge of a territory, and willing to be paid based on performance. As an OEM sales rep looking for the best new lines, consider what you know about the customers for your existing lines, and find the commonalities between them. If you provide IT equipment to customers, is there a piece that is missing that they talk about that you could add to your lines? Do industrial customers have additional needs you could service, since they trust you? Search in your territory for companies trying to break through with needed products, or even reach out to companies about outside sales rep opportunities that are not yet in your territory. Identify where there are new contracts just waiting to happen, and add lines based on that.

Combine Contacts & Experience

Selling OEM requires experience, which is shown not just through education and ability to easily understand technical jargon and engineering considerations, but also through years of success in building relationships in a territory. OEM sales jobs, particularly those offered to independent, commission-only outside sales reps, lean heavily on the accumulated knowledge of a rep in a particular area. This is why commissions can be so lucrative in OEM sales. As with any sales job, be willing to sell the story of you, your history, and your knowledge of the particular OEM niche you are working within.

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