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Guided Tours – Videos on how RepHunter works

Short and easy to understand videos showing how to get started with RepHunter for both Principals and Reps.

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How Does It Work? - For Those Looking for a Sales Rep

Welcome to, your BEST resource for finding quality independent sales reps. This informal, four minute guided tutorial will show you exactly the steps that you want to take to grow your business with independent reps.

Starting with our homepage, you'll notice that we cater to two types of users. First, companies seeking independent reps, and second, independent reps seeking new lines. You'll also notice that we've got a testimonials section where we've got hundreds of our previous subscribers that have expressed their satisfaction with our service.

If you're an independent rep seeking new lines, you'll want to go ahead and click this button: "Find New Lines". You'll also want to watch the guided tour tailored towards your needs. In the case of this guided tour, we're gonna go ahead and click this button: "Find Sales Reps." In doing so, it takes us to a page where we've got an option. Do we want Salaried Sales Reps, or Commission-Only? In this case we want "Commission-Only."

On this page, we've got the ability to search the database to see the reps in our industry before we decide if we want to be a subscriber. In this case, we're gonna use keywords that, for the most part, describe the rep's customer base. That is, ask your self: "Who do you need your reps to sell to?" That might be retail, wholesale, apparel, gift shops, medical, construction, contractors, what-be-it... In this case, I'm gonna use the term "hospital", and press "go."

Now that we've got our result, you'll notice to the top right, that 511 Reps have met the "hospital" criteria, that have either created or updated a profile within the last 180 days. Now, what's important in the result is this first of all this column here, "Multi-Rep Agency". Those that answer "yes" are saying they've got more than one rep in their company, or they're a rep group. Those that say "no" mean one person. The next two columns are important as well: "Entry Date" and "Update Date." Entry Date is when the Rep originally found RepHunter and created the profile. Update Date is when they've last been back to update it. Now today happens to be December 16th, 2008. If you look at the rest of these reps in this result, all ten of them have been back in our database, confirming their need for independent lines in the last couple of days. Now if we look at the top candidate, it's an individual, they created their profile back in 2007, they updated it this morning, they're in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. If we click "View" on the top candidate, it opens up the profile.

And on the profile, you've got the ability to scroll down, where there's additional information on the rep, like some of the customer categories they call on and the territories that they cover, as well as some other information that will aid you in deciding if this is the proper candidate for you. Now, the most important field is this one, "Industry Expertise." That's where this Rep is telling you the customers they call on and the product lines they sell. And in this case they use the term "hospital." Now you can easily flip through the different profiles by clicking this link, "Next Profile." Gives you the ability to go through the database to ensure that we've got candidates for you before you decide if you want to be a subscriber.

Now, the secret to searching is to start with a keyword like "hospital," but every time you open up a Rep's profile look at the other keywords they're using and others will come to mind. Like possibily "physician", or "medical", or "pharmeceutical", or what-be-it.

Now pretend you're looking at a rep or a rep group that you wanted to contact. To the top left, there's a blue "Contact" button. As a subscriber, when you press that button, this rep or group receives an email with your profile and a mandate to respond. At the same time, you get all the information on the rep. At that point, you're gonna speak directly to the rep about representing your company. And that would count as 1 on a subscription.

So that concludes this guided tour, be sure to watch the second guided tour, which is our pricing and registration.

Pricing and Registration

Welcome to the RepHunter Pricing and Registration Guided Tour. This three minute tour will explain our subscription plans and walk you through the registration process.

At this point you should be familiar with the fact that you can search our database to see the reps we have in your industry before you decide to subscribe. If you are not familiar with that concept, please view the guided tour, "How does this Work?" RepHunter has two subscriptions. Both of our subscription plans cost less than a classified ad in your local paper. If you look at our one year plan, it's roughly 1000 dollars, but that means you'll have the ability to go into our database over the next 12 months and contact up to 300 independent reps of your choice. Your opportunity is also posted to where reps can search and find you. Now, if the rep searches and finds you first, it's unlimited. In other words, when we talk about "300 guaranteed contacts," we're only referring to those that you've gone into the database and deemed worthy. This subscription also includes a posting on our display ads page. In that case, you have the ability to post your logo and copy, and we directly link to your website.

In terms of our instalment plan, it's 299 for the first month, which means you'll contact up to 30 reps. At that point you can cancel. If you don't, it rolls into our 99 dollar a month maintenance plan, where every month you pay 99 dollars, you contact another 15 reps. Again in both plans, the opportunity is posted to where reps can search and find you, and if that happens it's not counted, it's unlimited.

In terms of registration, you'll see our registration process is streamlined. We're asking for contact information, then you're gonna describe your sales opportunity, you're gonna pick the territories that you need, identify the customers you need the reps to call on, and then provide additional information like your website, cell phones, etc.

This concludes the Pricing and Registration Guided Tour. Your next step is to click on our home page, and lets start growing your business!

How Does It Work? - For Sales Reps Looking for Products, Services, and Companies to Represent

Welcome to, your best resource for finding quality independent lines to represent. Our service is free for Reps. In this informal four minute guided tour, we'll show you exactly the steps that you want to take to grow your independent business with quality new lines.

If you look at our homepage, you'll notice we cater to two types of users. First of all, companies seeking Independent Reps, and second of all, Independent Reps seeking new lines. If your company is seeking Independent reps you'll want to go ahead and click this button, "Find Sales Reps". You'll also want to take a moment and view the guided tour, "How Does This Work?" In the case of this guided tour, I'm gonna go ahead and click this button, "Find New Lines."

On this page you'll notice we now have an option. Are we looking for Salaried Sales Positions, which would take you to our other website, Sales Job Hunter? In this case we're looking for Commission-Only Lines, so we'll go ahead and click this button.

This takes us to the Search for New Lines page where you'll notice on the left-hand side there's a variety of ways that you can search for lines. Before we do that, I want to go ahead and click on the Rep Terms. Again, Sales Reps use our service for free, so we ask that you adhere to a couple of terms. Most importantly, understand that RepHunter is in the business of creating immediate communication, so in profiling your sales expertise, we ask that you use an email address that you monitor daily. Also, we ask that you come back to the website at least once a month, to press a button called "Confirm Availability." When you press that button, you're telling our Principals or our subscribers on the other side, that you are in a state of actively seeking new commission lines, and you'll respond if they pick you. We also ask that in using the service that you stay with us over a period of time. Sure, you're going to have some immediate success when you start using the service. But as we all know, acquiring the right types of lines that you are seeking to truly grow your business can take some time.

Now, back to the Find New Lines page... Commission-Only... Again, on the left hand side, you'll see there's a variety of ways that you can search for lines, first being Keyword. In using the Keyword search field, it's usually best to use a keyword that describes your customer base, rather than using a keyword that describes the lines that you carry. Another method you can search is by Customer Category.

Once this page opens, you'll notice there's a category list on the left hand side that represents the different industries that you might call on. In the case of this example, let's go ahead and click Retail. In clicking Retail, it opens a subcategory list here on the right. For this example let's pretend we sell to building materials and garden equipment supply dealers. When I click this link, you'll see that the result is telling us there are 1845 Principals in the classification. 186 of these are Featured, which means they've been in the database and either created or updated a profile within the last 60 days.

Now if we go back to the Find New Lines tab, another option you have for seeking new lines is our Display Ads page. The Display Ads page features advertisements, again from our Principals or our subscribers seeking Independent Reps. And as you scroll down on the page, you'll notice there's all sorts of advertisements here, and in each case by clicking on the ad themselves, it'll take you directly to this user's website.

You'll notice on our registration page, it's straight forward. We're asking for contact information. Your Industry Expertise is basically where you'll describe your sales history. You're going pick your territories, identify the customers you call on, and additional info is like, cell phones or websites or what-be-it. Now, that concludes this guided tour. So what you'll want to do, is on the top of this audio page, there's a link called "Find New Lines." Go ahead and click that, and let's start growing your Independent Rep business!